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Let's Make This Thing Happen - P.J.  Adams

This is a story about Emily, a successful businesswoman that goes to a small performance by Ray, the lead singer of one of her biggest high school rock band crushes. By a twist of fate, she gets the opportunity to him after the concert where sparks fly. The upside is she is experiencing a dream come true. The reality is that they are both married.

Emily is at the point where she is realizing her marriage is over, so she can't resist pursuing a relationship with Ray, who has been separated from his wife for a long time. Obstacles threaten to break them up, but in the end they are able to overcome them.

Normally when one (or in this place both) of the main characters are married, it's an instant don't read for me. However, knowing right from the beginning that the marriages were at the end helped me to decide to give it a try. I really liked Emily's character and while some of it was predictable, it worked for me. It was something I could almost imagine happening. With some rock star books I've read, authors tend to throw in every situation imaginable, but the author didn't try to do that here. The end chapter was very sweet.