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Club Alpha: A BDSM Romance Boxed Set - Adriana Hunter, Selena Kitt, Amy Valenti, Terry Towers, Malia Mallory, Arden Aoide, Juliette Jaye, Sienna Stapleton, Elsa Day, Emilia Kincade, Sophie Sawyer, Candy Quinn

Club Alpha is anthology full of stories that take place in and around some very elite clubs! As with many anthologies, there were some stories I loved and some, not so much. Definitely a must read for those that like this theme.

Claiming His Tease - Amy Valenti
This was probably my favorite book in the anthology. Even though these stories are shorter due to being in an anthology, the author was very detailed in her story and made it believable. 5 stars

Breaking Boundaries - Sienna Stapleton
I felt that the main character in this story, Beth, was pretty close to many of us females that grew up with ingrained ideas about sex and what it means. Her willingness to go beyond that for the sake of her boyfriend made this book an excellent read for me. 5 Stars

The Billionaires' Club: Deceiving Him - Terry Towers
I liked the premise of the book and loved most of it. Unfortunately the ending reminded me too much of a RomCom movie I watched before. Still enjoyable. 4 Stars

Club Soria - Emilia Kincade
The first half of this story was pretty decent. We meet Maya as her life kind of falls apart and we watch her as she moves on. While on an impromptu trip to Thailand, she meets the owner of an exclusive club and restaurant and everything changes. Unfortunately, this is where the book took a turn for the worse for me. None of the interactions nor feelings of the two main characters made any sense for me. 2 stars

The Sybian Club - Selena Kitt
This story was definitely the most different for me of all of the stories. Tasha is a housewife who, while looking to spice up her sex life, gets an idea to start an entirely different venture. While this isn't the type of story I would typically read, I found the plot definitely interesting and well written. 3 stars

His Desire Her Surrender - Malia Mallory
When I read the plot for this story, I though it sounded really good. However, I had a big problem with reading it once I started. I didn't care for the way the main character, Tabitha, reacted as soon as Marcus came back into her life. 2 stars

Escape - PJ Adams
In this story Julie is trying to get over a break up with a boyfriend. During that time, she starts going back to a club they used to go to and gets a minor obsession with a mysterious man there. During the obsession, she meets a nice guy who slowly tries to get closer to her. I really liked this story and the way Julie handles everything. The only thing I didn't get was the end change, but that might have been more my understanding of the subject. 4 stars

Pavlov - Arden Aoide
This story was totally different in that it takes place in the mind of a man, Tyrone who is a total dominant and very specific on what he expects from partners. I really loved this character. He is very aware of his wants, his good traits, as well as his flaws. I like that he was able to get a second chance. 5 stars