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Dark Alpha's Night: A Reaper Novel (Reapers) - Donna Grant

To some Fae, I am their worst nightmare. For I do Death’s bidding. But for all our strength and skill, a powerful enemy has risen up. Finding Ettie could change everything. The Half-Fae is our one chance. She’s sharp and strong and fierce. She steals my breath every time I'm near her. And looking into her eyes is like a bolt of lightning right through me. She’s what I’ve been waiting for my long, dark existence. But for us to be together, we must first stay alive…

This is the next book in Donna Grant’s Reaper series. This Reaper take is about Daire, the reaper we’ve met throughout Rhi’s storyline in the dragon series. Now that he’s back with the reapers, he starts to go a little stir crazy until a clue on their enemy’s next target. Even though I’d been secretly hoping he’d find happiness with Rhi, Ettie didn’t disappoint. I loved seeing a much more in depth look into him and getting to know Ettie. Very good book. I can’t wait for the next book in the series. I highly recommend.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Not One of My Favorites

Collision Point: A Brute Force Novel - Lora Leigh

Riordan “Rory” Malone is a force to be reckoned with. A member of the Brute Force Protection Agency and an operative working with the Elite Ops, Rory is the fiercest of the warriors and protectors. Honed from the strong Irish stock of their grandfather and sharpened to a razor’s edge, Malone men live for one single purpose: to protect the women who own them, body and soul. From the moment he saw Amara Resnova, he knew she could be that woman.

Let me start off by saying that Lora Leigh has been one of my favorite authors for years. That being said, I found some issues that really bugged me in this book. This is probably the first time I’ve given one of her books less than a 5 star. Unfortunately I felt that Amara’s character did a 360 from her initial conversation with Rory to when he was guarding her and it kept happening throughout the story. It didn’t deter from it too much and I still devoured the book as quickly as her others, but in the end it just wasn’t as good as her other books.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book


Winter of the Gods (Olympus Bound) - Jordanna Max Brodsky

Selena DiSilva is a disgruntled woman living in New York City. She always ends up finding trouble. So when a dead body appears on Wall Street, Selena must figure out who did it. For long ago, Selena was the Greek Goddess

This book was ok. There were a few things that bothered me. One, it seemed almost necessary to have read the first book, which I’d never heard of. Two, for some reason the perspectives changing didn’t work for me. Other than that, the writing was good and didn’t make me cringe at another author attempting to modernize Greek mythology. I would probably read another book from this author.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

Excellent Book

The Road to Jonestown: Jim Jones and Peoples Temple - Jeff Guinn

The Road to Jonestown is the biographical account of mass-murder cult leader Jim Jones. This is an in-depth view of the man and the largest murder-suicide in American history.

This book was an excellent view into the life of a horrible man that caused a horrible tragedy. The author takes you on a journey that makes you feel as if you’re watching everything as it happens. I highly recommend for anyone that likes true crime.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed this book

good book and characters

The Love Coupon - Ainslie Paton

Felicity/Flick knows Tom and gets him to agree to rent her his spare room until Flick’s new job in Washington starts flick had already gave up her apartment and needed a place to stay for three months. Tom’s roommate just got a job promotion and left for China. . Flick’s new job is her dream job.  Flick and Tom are total opposites. Flick is chaotic, spontaneous, lod, wild and can be messy. Tom is calm, organized neat,and serious. The common thing Flick and tom share is their ambition. But Flick does seem to be able to loosen Tom up. Eventually Flick gives Tom thirty coupons covering different things like  morning sex, bubble baths and bowling but also a lot more. Tom and Flick were attracted to each other right away but let things build between them. Then Flick gave Tom the love coupons.

I enjoyed this book. I’m however not sure I liked the writing style of the author I will have to read at least another book written by this author and then decide for sure. Anyway I did like the plot but this did drag for me at times . But I did laugh out loud while reading this and that doesn't happen that often.i liked how Tom and Flick interacted with each other.  I also liked how things slowly built for Tom and Lily. I was a little disappointed it took so long for the coupons to show up in the book. I really did like Tom and Flick together. I like the back story on Flick also. So for the most part I did enjoy this book and I do recommend.

good book and characters

In the Eye of the Storm / Catering to the CEO - Samantha Chase

Holly got a call from hre boss Stephan at 2 A M to come get him. Holly had been sound asleep in bed but did get up to get him. Worse off there was a storm going on. Holly was Stephan’s personal assistant. She already worked twelve hour days with him and then he would call her at eight A M on a Saturday morning with things for ehr to work on. Holly thought she could quit she had some savings she could live on until she got another job. Other companies would love to have Holly work for them as she was a hard worker, she doesn’t take a lot of time off and she is never sick. She is available almost 24/7 as she really doesn’t have social life anyway. Holly has worked for Stephen for three years and he was a workaholic A lot of things Holly did was after her twelve hour work day. Holly pulled into a parking lot of a bar and Stephen was answering his cell phone so she had to go out in the storm to get him. Stephan had gotten into a fist fight with his two best friends Will and Derek and it had to do with Holly. Holly had enough and told Stephen she quit. If Derek and Will thought she and Stephen were sleeping  together Holly wonders what the rest of the office thinks. After getting Stephen to his house he grabbed her car keys and told her he wasn’t letting her drive anymore on this stormy night and she could sleep in one of his guests rooms. The next morning Stephen had made Holly breakfast and she tried to go home but had only been gone five minutes as trees were doen blocking the road so she had to go back to Stephen’s. Stephan knew she had to stay Holly’s mind.and get her to stay as his P A as with her his business had advanced as much as it has without Holly. Derek and Stephen apologized to each other and they were ok but Will wasn’t speaking to either of them right now. Stephan planned on never having kids or getting married. But his home was huge and he told Holly that this house had everything he ever wanted in a house. So Holly and Luke decided to go down to his home theater and watch a couple movies and Holly made some snacks first. After the movies they decided to do some work. Stephen apologized for calling her so late, working her so hard, calling her on the weekends- everything. Luke’s eyes had suddenly been opened and he realized Holly was a fascinating woman who was more attractive then he ever had noticed. Holly had made Stephen laugh and smile more in one day then he had in years. Growing up poor had made Stephen determined to have the beat of everything. In less than twenty four hours  Holly had turned everything upside down. Stephen called Will and apologized and then things were o k between them. Luke told Will everything had changed since he spent the day with Holly and Will said no it was always there but Stephen would not let himself think about it because he was so focused on his business. Will told Stephen he had to decide if he wanted Holly for an assistant or lover. Holly came out when Stephen was sitting in the dark with a drink Then Stephan told her maybe she should quit and kissed her. Holly and Stephen became lovers. But after the weekend they decided to just go back to being employee and employer.

BOOK 2   Catering To The CEO     

Cassie was used to Adams demands, his tirades, his cold and brutal treatment of people around him but today she had enough and told Adam she was done Adam was the CEo of a large International Security Company. .Cassis was an CSS International preferred caterer and event planner. Cassie said that CJ Delights had enjoyed providing their service for all his events in the past two years but she could not meet Adams request this time. Losing his account would put a large dent in her five year plan of paying off the loans she had taken out to start her business. Adam said if she left now their contract was done but Cassie kept walking. Cassie was scared for her business but she felt someone had to stand up to Adam and she just had enough. Then Cassie’s dad Stephan  asked her to make dinner and he had two extra guests besides their family. Once all Stephan’s kids were there he and talked for a little bit Stephan told them he had been seeing a woman named Bev who had one son and they were there. The son was Adam who had fired Cassie today and she was very mad. Adam realized no one laughed around him.This was the first time in when he couldn’t remember that he was surrounded by people having a good time. When had his life become such a misery. Cassie came out to drive back to her shop to get dessert she had forgot there and Adam said he was going to ride with her and maybe they could clear the air as their parents were going to married so they would be family. He checked out her business when she went in to get the dessert and he was surprised to learn they she lived in an apartment above her business. Adam admitted Cassie’s company had always done a good job for his company Nothing she had made had disappointed at his events. Adam asked her to continue on the Fall Retreat event. Cassie said she would but some things had to be said - first she no longer wanted to be spoken to like she’s an idiot. She expects him to trust her when it comes to event planning and catering because that is what she does for a living. Adam decided Cassie had crossed a line Cassie permanently Adam has known Cassie for two years but all of a sudden he was driving past ehr home and he stopped and knocked at her doors later on Cassie thought she wasn’t supposed to be  having a good time with Adam. Cassie still didn’t fully trust Adam. Cassie had Endometriosis and decided to have surgery she was having a lot more pain and she wanted at least a baby someday so after her surgery Lauren spent the first day with her and Katie sent a lot of the next day with her but Cassie was happy to finally be alone and relax. Later on in late afternoon Adam showed up with pizza and milkshakes and they watched a movie. Then Adam kissed Cassie.

I really enjoyed both books in this set a lot. They were both fun easy romances. I loved Holly and Stephen together as well as Cassie and Adam. Although it was a lot  harder to like Adam as he was such a control freak. He acted like a butt through a lot of this book I would have liked more back story especially in Adam. I did feel like I was there with the characters in both books. I did feel the romance was a little  rushed with Adam and Cassie .after two years and Cassie quits Adam as well as Cassie are so attracted to each other but it was still a good book and I enjoyed it a lot. I had no problem I had no problem with keeping my attention on both books. I really liked the plot and the pace for the most part. I did love how Cassie's family was so close. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of these books and I recommend.

not for me

Dog Days of Voodoo (A Malveaux Curse Mystery Book 1) - G.A. Chase

Miles had paid for the charter and wanted to dive where they were. He told Vanessa there was a WWII plane sunk in the water and he saw the plane and it was down in the water in this location. Myles told Vanessa and Charlie they had agreed to come with him and he said if there was nothing down there they would spend the next day diving wherever Vanessa and Charlie wanted to. Kendell reread the article in the alumni paper. She didn’t care about the story but recognized the guy with the couple in the picture.  He had shared a class with Kendall. He too had fallen for a made up college class. The class had been the dumbest mistake a music student could make. Kendall loved her guitar and could play from classical music to david Bowie. Kendall decided to call Myles. Myles sat in the funky coffee shop lined with books. Frenchman’s Street wasn’t one of Myles’s usual New Orleans hangouts. Myles tried to place the spunky girl behind the counter-Kendall. Apparently they had went to college together. It had taken all Myles’s time and energy to get his Archaeology degree. Kendall thanked Myles for meeting with her. Myles said it was no problem as he worked in the Quarter as a bartender. Myles said he had always been lucky finding things. Kendall said “if you can’t explain what you did could you show me”? Myles told her he didn't know if that would work. Kendall said they could take it on as a scientific experiment. For someone that was just learning about how energy affects them kendall was remarkably perceptive.  Kendall had a gig that night she was in a band called Polly Urethane and The Strippers. Kendall adores her elderly dog named Cheesecake but then she’s dognapped and Kendall was determined to get her dog back. Then there is a murder that looks like a tragic accident because of the cursed object Kendall and Myles had found. There are a lot of mysteries and curses around the Voodoo Shops in New Orleans.

I wasn’t crazy about this book. I thought from the cover it would be more light hearted. There were a lot of twists and turns.This book dragged for me. It just didn’t give me what I was looking for at the time. I will say the second half was a little better than the first half as far as reading this went. I just found this a little boring for me and had problems keeping my attention on what I was reading unfortunately. I am sure other will enjoy this a lot more than I did this book just wasn’t meant for me.

Great Story and Characters

Haven - Celia Breslin

Carina/Rina was working on trying to sweat out her headache from her birthday celebration that had started the night before and ended with drinking too much with her friends/roommates/bodyguards ren and mark. Rina then came up against an inept witch that tried to attack her and Rina knocked her out. That was a nasty way to start her birthday as far as Rina is concerned. Then rina mentioned to her friends they would make it up tonight when they went out dancing. Then Mark reminded her that she had the opening of the Italian Ward Tranquilla collection- which was her last name- at the art museum. W- T for short. Faith was rina best friend and resident psychic. Faith told rina she had a surprise waiting for her at the W-T. Rina said that wouldn’t be true as her bossy brother Lorenzo would be there. But faith said the surprise was special. And important and he would change everything. Then faith saw the witch Rina had knocked out and said the witch’s aura was all wrong that she was afraid of rina even though she had attacked rina and there were cracks in the door and the darkness consumes. It hates. It’s unforgiving and it’s watching her. Then Faith swooned and her boyfriend Kai hurried down and caught her before she hit the floor. After a few minutes faith said she wasn’t sure what that was all about but they needed to stay vigilant. Rina suggested maybe they should all stay home but faith said no Rina had to go. Destiny wa sin play and had many moving parts that started at the W-T. Faith could not remember her pre teen years about twelve years total. After Rina got to Haven Lorenzo came up and told Rina they needed to talk about a family matter - it was about the past and her faulty memory. She did know Lorenzo shipped her off to boarding school after their parents death.  Lorenzo then added there was someone she needed to meet. Lorenzo went to leave and Rina told him why she had been late and Lorenzo pulled Rina into a hug. He said they would talk after her other two brothers Dom and Tony got there.they would talk about the past and where they go from there. As for the attack it was a random and that Rina was a target for some very bad people but he added it would be alright. Lorenzo was fifteen and rina was five when Lorenzo stepped up and played the surrogate parent when theirs had died. Rina didn’t know how Lorenzo reacted in their childhood as that was just a big black hole. Then Rina seen Adrien her friend and Haven’s business partner with her and sometime bed partner. Haven was their club and one of the top five dance spots in San Francisco. Rina felt power thrown to her then everyone else was basically frozen around her except the man and one she felt called her danger sirens. Then Lorenzo introduced rina to Thomas Ward. Rina told Thomas to take his hex off her friends that they were done there. Thomas said this was the beginning or actually the exciting middle . he asked Rina if she wanted to see how it all began. Thomas then tells Rina he is her uncle. And a vampire and he had blocked her memory and power. The bad boy Rina felt compelled to was the one and named Alexander. He was the one true soulmate for Rina. Alexander/Alec was a new vampire as vampires went - a youngling. As rina remembers Thomas and others from her past she finds out they are all from a vampire family who had left her and taken her memory for Rina’s own safety. Rina also learns the man she thought was her other uncle was actually her biological father and she was a hybrid vampire princess and Alec has a very important part to play in Rina’s life.

I absolutely loved this book. This had a lot of action and twists and turns that i loved. The chemistry was hot between Alec and Rina before they even met but was off the charts after meeting. I liked how Rina interacted with her friends and how Adrien was still there for her any way that he can  after she only had eyes for Alec sexually. I loved her brooding uncle Jonas who still managed to show her how much he loved her. I loved the plot and pace. I didn’t want to put this book down as I wanted to see what was going to happen next. I enjoyed watching Rina have to let go of some of the control that was such a large part of her. This kept my attention from beginning to end. I could not find anything to criticize as far as I am concerned and i loved that. I loved the characters and the twists and turns and I highly recommend.

Good Characters and story

Justin (Male Model Chronicles) (Volume 1) - Christi Snow, Mia Downing, Sarah Negovetich, Shauna Kruse, Joshua Scott Brown

Joshua was a hot male who had made a name as a  fitness model in a holiday lingerie show who had a kind heart. Joshua had also been in the Air force and loved to play video games.  Joshua had worked with the famous Mrs. Kruss and on a recommend he was hired with former military models. He was also to escort a famous model down the runway in a grand show. When Joshua went to the facility tv prepare it was another world with blatantly clad females some were nude. Joshua had no reaction other than a little embarrassment and confusing. Then Joshua saw Autumn  who seemed to be the organizer or body handler of sorts the first thought Joshua had was he wished she was handling his body. Autumn was having her own problems as she was the representative Layne Media. She was the event organizer joshua was was assigned to be property of Bianca who was a famous lingerie model and the legendary face of of Pandora’s Fantasy Lingerie. Bianca also had a stalker.  Then Pandora’s father created drama - the majority of pandora who was a manipulative narcissist. Autumn’ sister and partner was determined to have more of Pandora. Something from the past was affecting Autumn and her sisters relationship. Joshua became headline news as he was thrown into a media circus when he became engaged to the model. Joshua is very attracted to Autumn but now engaged because of his big heart and saving Bianca.  Autumn is attracted to Joshua and loves to play video games also.

I enjoyed reading this book. It was a fun fun read with some danger shot inI liked the fast pace and plot. I would have liked this to have been a little longer. I admired Autumn’s loyalty to to her sister even if I didn’t like her sister. There was, danger, heat hot models- especially males, romance, mystery, a meddling relative, gaming nerd, ex military, a stalker, and a lot more in this book. It was never explained - or I missed it- why younger Autumn took the blame for things that happened when she was eighteen. I liked the characters and the ins and outs and I recommend.

Good Characters and story

Syncopation - Anna Zabo

Ray stared at the tabloid website headline. Carl was the no good band manager the record label had sent. Ray was accused of being drunk and attacking fellow band member - the drummer Kevin who had actually been the one drunk and the rest of the band- twisted wishes- attested to it. Carl knew kevin had been drinking on tour ray had even went to carl about it and nothing had been done. The band needed the tour for the record label dangled in front of them. Ray had put the strange little band together -Dom his best friend from HS , Mish the red haired bass playing crooner. Abd Kevin the kid from YouTube . Ray had brought them all together and they had done the impossible and had a hit. But Kevin hadn’t survived the pressure - all the publicity, touring, maybe it was ray’s fault always going on about practices and looking and sounding their best. They hadn’t had a break in months. Xavier had got a scholarship for drums at Juilliard. Ray had asked him back in HS about joining the band and Xavier had said no in a uphanded way . But Xavier had been attracted to Rya but Ray was sixteen Xavier was eighteen - no way. Xavier followed Rays career as he never got over the nerve of that cocky sophomore approaching a Juilliard bound Senior for his garage band. Xavier hadn’t been on stage for three months, not since Xavier had walked away from his position as  principal timpani on the Silverton Orchestra. Xavier had slept with the Maestro Dimitri Ferbian. But Dimitri wanted romance and love and Xavier was aromantic and Dimitri was incapable of hearing anything he didn’t want to hear. Xavier still hadn’t found another orchestra position when he decide to submit his CV and type up a statement of intent and sent it to the auditions for a drummer for Twisted Wishes. Xavier now knew not to have sex with those he worked with. Xavier had been everything ray had wanted to be- born with rock star looks, and a rock star name , and a musical prodigy also. Xavier joins the band. Ray and Xavier are very attracted to each other and have hot chemistry but Xavier makes it clear he’s not a relationship type of person so they start out as casual lovers . the manager and record labels gives Xavier and ray a rough time about their relationship but Ray and Xavier still continue being lovers.

I enjoyed this book considering I don’t read male/male or female/female books. But i accidentally chose this one I apparently seen Rock star and that's all it took oh well. But here is what I thought. I liked the plot  but felt this dragged at times. I skipped over the sex parts and I am not really into whips when it comes to the BDSM part so I didn't miss everything. I had never heard of aromance so that was something new and interesting. I did like the actual build up for Ray and Xavier to build a friendship before the sensual part. I really liked how protective Xavier was of Ray. I loved Ray’s commitment to the band. I also liked how ray and the band interacted with each other including ray and Xavier. I liked Mish and Dom also. So as long as you knew what this entails I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

Great Story and Characters

Blood Veil - Megan Erickson

Celia worked as an ER nurse at Mission Hospital . She was the head of intake and there was  a new strain of flu . Celia prayed she didn’t get sick , she couldn’t afford to take the time off. Celia learned early on she was the only one she could trust she had learned that early on as she had been in the foster care system all her life. Celia always assumed the worst of everyone but celia also knew why she odd this. Celia had developed an uncanny knack for blending into the background. Celia was a perpetual extra in life and she ;liked it that way.Celia had been having dreams that scared the the hell out of her so she wasn’t sleeping that well and told Landon who had brought her down to the cafe to grab something to eat and bought it for her as she had gotten dizzy when she stood up as she skipped lunch. Then Landon offered to cook her a meal and bring some wine so maybe she would get a better night’s sleep. It had always been hard for celia to make friends as she seemed to sabotage any starting friendships. She is used to being a loner. Celia working with her patients filled her up, made her happy and gave her the small human interaction that kept her sane. But Monica was different and was her friend. Celia had been in the foster care system all her life. Indris was a member of the ruling Gregori family. It had been three weeks since Idris had started watching Celia and one week since he had been at the club Bite- where humans went to have blood drank from them by a vampire and often had sex and the vampire came for blood-when his brother Athan  had met him and questioned his motives. Celia’s father was head of the Vallerin vampire family who had managed to convince Athan and Idris’s father to go against everything Idris and his brother had been raised to believe in. Indris wanted to hate Celia , to loathe her but he didn’t. Landon wanted Celia Idris could tell by how Landon looked at her and that idris want to slit landon’s throat. The protectiveness and ownership of her had risen inside of Idris like a tidal wave. Celia was a vampire princess- Vallerin’s daughter and therefore a bargaining chip and why Indris was watching that nothing bad happened to her- a dhamper- half human half vampire and they are turned to a full vampire usually by eighteen. Athan and Indris didn’t know if Celia knew about her parentage and she hadn’t. Idris had a penchant for acting before thinking things through and that was why Athan was checking on him. When Indris looked at Celia he felt he had a purpose, what worried him was he didn’t know where that purpose would lead him or Celia. Acelia is attacked and idris saves her and takes her to his underground home to keep her safe. Idris is strongly attracted to Celia and she to him.

I loved this book. I loved how Celia instantly trusted Idris after he saved her life even though he was a vampire. I loved how Celia and Indris interacted with each other.I loved how Celia was willing and did  sacrifice herself for Indris and her sister Amelia. I loved the plot of this book. It kept my interest from beginning to end. I felt so bad when Idris thought Celia was dead when he was forced to drain her. I loved the ending. I loved the action and was glad that Keno got what was coming to him. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend.

Good Characters and story

The Good Liar - Catherine McKenzie

Cecily had been late trying to get the kids out of the door but when she finally got off the train and was trying to get to the building she noticed it was in flames. After that Cecely only remembered bits and pieces. People running, the awful stench of burnt plastic , the crushing heat, the ringing in Ceciy’s ears, paper, debris and things she couldn’t think about raining down on her and burning holes in the belted jacket she had worn. Then she lost time again. Through it all she couldn’t move, stuck. As the fire licked the building clean . then a man pulled her hand and told her to run and they did.Now it’s one year later only now when Cecily  is late her body starts to prickle with anxiety that she can’t shake without medication. Now more often than not Cecily is early Today was the first anniversary of the death of her husband Tom and Kaitlin- her best friend’s death who had both been in the building when it exploded from a gas leak Cecily would have been in there also if she had been on time. 513 people killed and more than 2000 injured. Tep greeted Cecily and he had been the man that have saved her life by grabbing her hand. Now he was doing a document on three people and how they had been affected by the tragic disaster. Three families- hers, the Ringos and Franny had been adopted and from the age of eight wanted to and tried to find her birth mother. She didn’t seem to really care about her adopted family. Her adopted parents had died in a car accident. ranny Maycombe.A  year ago Teo had been scouting locations for a commercial with his assistant and then Teo had been taking pictures of some of the homeless when the building exploded and he started snapping pictures as Chicago changed forever. But once he seen the fore coming up Adams street he knew he had to leave, but he took one last picture of Cecily in a world wind of dris. Her clothes were covered in grime but her face was unmarked and Cecily was staring at the building. Teo uploaded that picture to a website and it became the shot of the day and somehow Cecily became the poster child for that tragedy. Cecily didn’t want the recognition , notoriety , the fame. Cecily told Teo she wasn’t sure she wanted to do the documentary and teo said : you have to as you are the heart of this story” . Cecily had major issues besides Tom’s death to get through. Cecily is raising two teenagers now cassie is fifteen and henry is thirteen and she doesn’t know how to fill the black hole Tom’s death had left in their lives. Cecily knew tom was cheating on her before he had died as he had mistakenly sent a text to her meant for the other woman. Cecily had hated Tom for that but she was honest with her therapist even if she ahd to lie to Tao for the documentary.   Kate is living in Montreal but she has a deep connection to the explosion. Franny had just been reunited with her birth mother and then such a short time later lost her in the explosion. As the documentary crew digs deeper lies and secrets start coming to the surface as all the women to be in this documentary are hiding secrets. They all will lie some to protect loved ones and some for their own gain. Franny and cecily had become friends over the last year as the both were on the compensation board for the families of the victims that were turned down adn wanted a second chance to compensated. The more the interviews go on the more mysterious Franny seems to become. Kate is a nanny of three year old twin boys in Montreal and can’t stand to watch tv about the tragedy in Chicago that happened a year ago. But her employer -Andrea is totally into the features. Kate had escaped the explosion and Franny was her adult daughter she had given up. Cecily realizes Franny was her best friends grown daughter and she wondered why Kaitlin had not told her about Franny.

I liked the book. I really enjoyed the face past as well as the plot. I was guessing throughout the whole book so that was a plus in this type of book. Sometimes I got lost and confused trying to follow everything going on. This was like a puzzle you had to piece together. I loved the ending. I loved that there was a lot of twists and turns. Reading this was like being on a roller coaster. I would have liked to see what was really going on in Franny’s mind and not just through the interviews. There was a lot to this book: grief, adultery, anger, marriage, loss, betrayal, lies, secrets, running away, depression, anxiety, friendship, mental illness, fraud and so much more. This did drag a little for me at times. I did love the twists and turns and i am glad i read this and I recommend.

good book and characters

The House on Harbor Hill - Shelly Stratton

Delilah made her home in Harbor Hill a sanctuary for women needing security and a chance to rebuild their lives. Delilah tend to women one at a time offering her support, kindness, and understanding along with free room and board Tracey is an abused wife always on the run from her husband Paul, then he finds her. Tracey had two small kids- thirteen month old Maggie and also a son named Caleb who has been fed a lot of disappointment for the last eighteen months. . Aidan lived at Harbor Hill with his mother Rosario after living in their cars for months.Aidan had been eight anf they lived with Delilah for eight years.  Aidan had returned four years ago when his world imploded. Delilah had an abusive and hard life. And she had a lot of secrets. Delilah only asked for respect and companionship. Back she had not received that as a young woman. Delilah had been acquitted of her rich husbands death. Tracey won’t say where she’s from or what sent her into hiding. But she reminds Delilah of the hopeful spirited girl she had once been. Tracey found an envelope taped to her door from Delilah offering her help. Tracey worked at the hotel restaurant she just didn’t make enough. Tracey wanted a better job but she was a full time mom and a college dropout. Tracey had fled from her home one year ago. Tracey had went to the local welfare office but they needed her husband’s name and address for child support but Tracey didn’t want her husband to know where she and the kids were. He’d come after them, he’d try to make her go back and Tracey was never going back. Tracey hurried out of the office. Then Tracey finds an eviction notice on her door. Then Tracey thought of Delilah’s note that said her door was always open. At Delilah’s she remembered when she had seen Claudra with the same desperation in her eyes years ago when Delilah had sent the note to.  Delilah had heard a voice whispering in her ear for the last forty years. Delilah had tried to get rid of the voice for years, had been blessed by her minister and she had read the bible until her vision blurred and she even gone to a mystic healer. Harbor Hill not only serves as a place of substance and healing but also a place to bury things and Aidan had a lot of pain and scars. Aidan had been a high powered attorney in Chicago. Aidan wished he had been more attentive to his own wife Trish. Back then Aidan worked fourteen hours a day at the law firm and doing whatever he had to do to make partner. Delilah seen Tracey at the grocery store and spoke to her Tracey basically ignored her and didn’t want to be around Delilah. But at the check out Tracey’s card was denied and she didn’t have enough cash to cover her bill but Delilah stepped up and paid for all the groceries. Tracey waited for Delilah and told hr thank you and then agreed to bring her kids and to have dinner with Delilah.

I enjoyed reading this book. I was POed when Aidan threatened Delilah  of stopping Tracey from going there if she didn’t go to the doctors who did he think he was she opened her home to him as a kid and as a man I just thought he stepped way over the line to a woman who had been nothing but good to him.  That really took me a minute to get over. As you can tell I felt like I was there and became involved with the characters and that was great. I liked how Delilah tried so hard to help women who needed a place to go kids or not. I felt the author did a good job with the abuse given by spouses. I also felt it was a realistic portrayal. I liked the plot and pace of this book. I liked the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

good book and characters

Dire Cravings (Arctic Wolves Book 2) - Tigris Eden

Olivia/Liv had been running for three days from the creatures who had attacked and tore apart her camp. She feared they weren’t far behind her. Every sound made her heart race and her skin crawl. There was so much blood and chaos back at camp her mind to be able to take in everything that had happened. Her ex husband Santiago  and the board had forced a two week vacation on Olivia. So no one would be looking for Olivia here in Alaska for awhile. Olivia had helped make Madds, Parsons, and Goldberg the best insurance in the business.Olivia was a Risk Analyst for the company and was excellent at her job. Liv heard something chasing her and used the last of her energy. That was when Liv looked over her shoulder then bumped into a big man and passed out. Blue had followed Liv for three days after he killed  Roman’s men. Blue had stumbled across Liv’s scent. Victor would not be happy if Blue brought this exhausted woman to the den. With the war going on with the Hunters it was decided to bring in the packs and reside in the mountain. Being in close quarters with other wolves was hard on Blue as he was a loner by choice. He didn’t pledge his allegiance to any pack. Blue was in a contract with Cassandra until they had a pup. It was convenient as Blue wanted pups but no relationship and Cassandra had  agreed to provide them. Victor was the pack’s Alpha and Cassandra was his sister. Blue/Bodvier had three sides to him as he was a Berserker- human, wolf and the beast. Blue also had a resistance form silver from his past when he had been caged as a young wolf and his owners had been cruel and unforgiving in their punishment. Blue was very attracted to Olivia but told himself that wasn’t for him. Blue liked his women submissive and that was the last thing Olivia was. Blue found he wanted to mark Olivia and realized she was his true mate. Blue want to Cassandra to get out of the contract about the pups and she understood. Blue had no control over who fate gave him as a true mate. I definitely enjoyed this book . only one part really bothered me which was when Blue choked Olivia while having sex. I can go with most BDSM  but not that. I didn’t like that. Otherwise I found the book a good read. I love how blue and Olivia reacted to each other right from the beginning. I liked how Olivia and Serina- the Alpha’s mate- became friends. I loved the adventure, action, and intrigue in this book. I liked Olivia’s journey to be her best self. I liked the plot and pace. This book kept my attention from beginning to the end. Olivia and Blue had such hot chemistry which is normal for mates. I loved the characters and the twists and turns in this book and i recommend. I would rate this a 4.5 if I could

mixed feelings

Without Warning (Vigilance) - Desiree Holt

Blake had the piece of paper that said “ I know what you did “ - whoever this was moved like a ghost -silent and unseen, leaving Blake taunting messages. Who was doing this- a reader he had offended? A blogger? A reviewer? The notes showed up in different cities-wherever Blake had a signing. Different hotels and venues. Someone was tracking his tour. Not just the cities but the facilities- bookstores, event centers, wherever. Blake really wanted to enjoy his success a little after the hard climb it took to get to this point. After this signing blake had a week off. Sam and Blake had a crush on each other but only had one date as Sam wasn’t in the click Blake was in and his friends convinced hois to leave her alone and he did. That really hurt Sam. It had been fifteen years since that incident but neither had forgotten the other. Sam had been in the military for eight years and now worked for a very prestigious security firm- Vigilance - that was now based in Blake’s home town.  Blake and his agent decided he needed a bodyguard as the stalker was stepper up with his notes with threats now. Blake got an appointment to see someone at Vigilance and he was given a bodyguard and it just so happened to be Sam. Sam is cool to Blake part of it is a normal part of the job the other was personal. The same attraction was still there. Sam tried to fight it would not be right or safe to be sleeping with the person she was to protect.

I enjoyed this book but I did have mixed feelings about it. I didn’t really connect with Sam. Not the fact after a long time there were still feelings and mistrust you move on with your life especially from HS.i did love this had a lot of twists and turns. I also really enjoyed the suspense, intrigue,  and drama. I felt the ending was rushed. I did figure out who the stalker was but that was ok with me still enjoyed the book. This was a quick read with a good pace. I really liked how Sam was a female yet became Blake’s bodyguard. I would have liked to rate this 3.5 but can’t so had to give a three.

good book and characters

Icing on the Cake: A Wild Wedding Novel (Wild Wedding Series) - Ann Marie Walker

Cassandra/Cassie hadn’t had sex in a long time. Her best friend was Livvy also her silent partner in the bakery.  Cassie had been putting every spare minute she had into the bakery- Sugar Rush. The grand opening was in two months and cassie felt there was so much to do. Livvy hadn’t envisioned Cassie working eighteen hour days. Cassie hadn’t wanted to take the weekend off but it was her brother Mathew’s wedding  Cassie hoped to find the one and be happy but it would be awhile yet right now she had a shop to open. There were invoiced to check, shelves to stack, and vendors to meet with and ads to place. The lists went on and on which meant Cassie had no time for men. Cassie was making Mathew and Emily’s wedding cake, groom’s cake and cupcakes as her gift to them. Three years ago cassie had quit her job as a CPA in one of Chicago’s top accounting firms to follow her passion. Henry/ Hank knew that a change of this magnitude could cause an international incident. Because what Henry was about to propose went against all acceptable procedure. But for the weekend Prince Henry just wanted to be hank an ordinary man and told his detail this.henry and his grandmother argued about the topic of his travel when he traveled on leisure henry wanted his  location to be a need to know basis . his father the Crown Prince Edgar was a little more understanding. A royal bloodline came with a lot of perks but at a price. Edgar was head of henry’s security team. Henry was going to Mathew’;s wedding as he had been one of his best friends from university. While Cassie is working in her borrowed bakery to bake for the wedding Hank walked in to ask for directions. Hank is immediately taken with Cassie. Cassie sees Hank at her brothers wedding and decides to go ahead and have some fun and let her wild side out and hank seems more than willing. Then eventually through the press Cassie realizes who hank really is and the lies he told her.

I liked this book a lot. It was a fun easy read. I advise you to read the first book in this series for a smooth flow and knowledge of the characters as some are carried forward into this book. I didn’t really care that Henry didn’t tell her the truth and she had to find out by the press. He could have trusted Cassie instead she had to be hurt more than necessary. I chuckled at times while reading this. This had a kind of Cinderella feeling to it with a “ common” woman and a ‘royal” male. This dragged a little for me at times. I did enjoy the plot. This was predictable but I still liked it and finished it. I liked hank and Cassie together. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.